Topic Webs

A topic web is a way of arranging information – a visual thoughts organiser.
Our topic webs are changed every term and shared with parents and carers. They provide a visual overview of a particular topic or theme. They help parents, carers and pupils gain a greater feel for what will be covered each term, and understand how all subjects link together under one topic.
Topic webs are also a great tool to help find out what children already know or what they would like to learn about a certain topic.

Here are our Autumn Term 2023 topic webs:

Topic-web-Dormouse-Yr-R-Spring 2024

Topic-web-Dormouse-Yr-1- Spring 2024

Topic-web-Hedgehog-Class- Spring 2024

Topic-web-Squirrel-Class-Spring 2024

Topic-web-Otter-Class-Spring 2024

Topic-web-Fox-Class-Spring 2024