In Barns Green, we want to deliver a creative, memorable, ambitious and inclusive Art curriculum, which develops children’s understanding of how Art has contributed to our culture and understanding of our history and the world. 

We want to give children opportunities to explore, question and make meaningful links to real life contexts through exploring a range of artists.  

We see art as a channel for creativity and individual expression. It is important to the development of pupils’ well-being, appreciation of the world and understanding and empathy of others.  

We aim to give all children the confidence to express themselves through a range of chosen mediums. Our curriculum provides children with an opportunity to experience a variety art forms, pupils are encouraged to experiment with a range of different materials and techniques to bring their ideas to life through the use of individual sketchbooks. 

We demonstrate craftsmanship by developing and improving our skills and knowledge. 

We want our learning of art to be based on the following principles: 

  • We show curiosity by asking our own questions and exploring, media and techniques and learning about the impact of famous artists. 
  • We communicate our ideas clearly using accurate artistic vocabulary. 
  • We show creativity when making independent choices in our final compositions. 
  • We have the confidence to challenge ourselves and think artistically. 
  • We have opportunities to work collaboratively with others. 
  • We show sequential learning and building on prior learning of knowledge, skills and concepts