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Outcomes 2019-20

The government is not publishing school level educational performance data based on tests or assessments for 2020.

In February 2020, just before we went into lockdown, the Year 6 pupils underwent a ‘mock SAT-week’. They sat a previous year’s paper under test conditions. The writing was marked by a trained County moderator.

If the children had had the opportunity to replicate those scores in an actual test, our combined results for Reading, Writing & Maths would have looked like this (with the previous 2 years provided for comparison):

 Expected StandardWorking at Great Depth

Key Stage 2 2020 mid-year Results

Key Stage 2 Results 2018-19

At the end of Year 6, all pupils are assessed in Reading, Writing and Maths. Writing is assessed by the class-teacher over a period of time, and Reading and Maths are both assessed through tests.

Our 2019 results can be downloaded below (PDF):

Government school information page:

DFE School Performance Tables: