Academic Achievement

Outcomes 2019-20

The government is not publishing school level educational performance data based on tests or assessments for 2020 or 2021.

Our published data are detailed below this table.

In February 2020 and in May 2021 we assessed our Year 6 students under SAT conditions. The writing was assessed by a teacher trained by West Sussex in moderating writing. Although the scores were not published, they give a flavour of the children’s success. Published scores in the table below are on bold type, scores based on internal assessments are in italics.

 Expected StandardWorking at Greater Depth

Key Stage 2 Results 2018-19

At the end of Year 6, all pupils are assessed in Reading, Writing and Maths. Writing is assessed by the class-teacher over a period of time, and Reading and Maths are both assessed through tests.

Our 2019 results can be downloaded below (PDF):

Government school information page:

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