About Governors



Barns Green Primary School has a dedicated Governing Body who support the Headteacher and all the staff in the running of the school.

Meet the Governors

Simon Simmons

I am currently in my 11th year as Headteacher at Barns Green Primary School. I have been a Governor for approximately 20 years at a number of schools across Sussex. I am as passionate about providing an excellent education today as I was when I started in teaching and feel very privileged to be working at Barns Green Primary.

Peter Bird (Co-opted Governor)

I have lived in Barns Green since 2001 during which time all four of my children attended the school. I volunteer as a Governor at Barns Green Primary School as I am a passionate believer in high quality education and the opportunities it presents to young local people. I work in marketing and training for a large oil company and therefore bring along many business perspectives to the Governing Body. I am also a Parent Governor at the Weald, Billingshurst

Alyson Heath (Co-opted Governor)

I am married with two grown up children. I have lived in Pulborough for 40 years. My eldest has cerebral palsy so as a family we have been involved in the world of disability for many years. My youngest went to The Weald secondary school. I have worked as a teacher and headteacher in West Sussex all my career. I retired as headteacher of St Mary’s CE (Aided) Primary school in August 2015. Until my retirement on sat on the Diocesan Board of Education and was an inspector of Church schools. I am also a governor of another school in Horsham.

Penny Pavey (Co-opted Governor)

I moved to West Sussex over thirty years ago and currently live in Thakeham. I am married with two grown-up children. I retired in 2015 having worked for over thirty-five years as a teacher in both Kent and West Sussex. I have spent most of my career working in primary schools with a particular focus on Special Educational Needs and Inclusion. My aim as a Governor is to support everyone working at Barns Green Primary School, thereby enabling all children to achieve their very best.

Alex Nicholson (Chair of Governors)

I am father to 2 children at Barns Green Primary School, and have lived in the village for over 10 years. I have volunteered to be parental governor of the school to do what I can to ensure all the children at the School have the best possible start in life: This relates to the education provided as well as an environment that is caring, supportive, helpful and nurturing.

I work as an auditor in the Not-for-Profit sector, at the top NFP auditor, and with that comes knowledge and experience of auditing schools and other charitable bodies, which will assist in my role as governor.

Rob Hammond (Parent Governor)

I have lived in Barns Green since 2015 and have two children attending Barns Green Primary School. I became a parent governor as I am passionate about helping to build the best possible environment for our children to learn and develop in a complex and ever-changing world. I have worked in internet marketing for over a decade, across media agencies and music and news publishers, and currently work for a Californian software start-up.

Tracey Newbold (Staff Governor)

I have taught for many years and am as passionate about teaching and learning as the day I started. As Deputy at Barns Green for a little over a year now I believe I bring both experience and expertise. I have taught within a wide variety of contexts over the years and was even lucky enough to live and teach in New Zealand. Within West Sussex Education authority I have held a number of roles, helping to develop English provision within the authority and being a statutory writing moderator. I believe strongly that education should be creative and engaging and that as professionals those working within school should have high expectations of both themselves and the children.

I am proud to be Deputy of Barns Green, this is a very special community and I am thoroughly enjoying being part of it.

Victoria Baxter (Parent Governor)

I have lived in Barns Green for nearly 6 years and I absolutely love our village. We have such a vibrant community and there is so much going on for such a small place! I’m someone who likes to give back to the community and have become a school governor, so that I can help the school achieve its objectives. I currently have 2 children at the school and I feel passionately that all children deserve the very best start in life. School plays a vital role in encouraging children to make friends, develop to their full potential, learn about the wider world and discover who they are able to become – so I welcomed the opportunity to become further involved as a governor.

I have over 18 years’ experience in Marketing and Advertising in both SME and Corporate businesses. I currently work at RSA in Horsham and have done for the past 9 years. Some of the strengths I hope to bring to the team are strong communication skills, creativity, ability to deliver and project manage, as well as think strategically…and of course my experience as a Mum! I hope to be a useful addition to the board of governors and look forward to hopefully making a difference.

Governing Board Attendance Record

Our Governing Body consists of 10 members and operates with 3 committees. 

The committees are: Finance and PremisesTeaching and Learning and Staffing. 

Governor Full NameGovernor Category Date of current Appointment or Election Source of Appointment (where appropriate) Term of office/Roles within GB Attendance at full GB Meetings* Committee membership Attendance at committee meetings* Declarations on register of business & pecuniary interest details of governorships at other schools  Remarks 
Jody Baker  Co-opted 23.05.2016 N/A 4 years  Chair of T&L 4 of 5 Teaching & Learning Staffing 5 of 5 0 of 1 None  
Peter Bird  Co-opted  01.09.2015 N/A 4 years  Vice Chair of FGB  Safeguarding Governor 3 of 5 Teaching & Learning 4 of 5  One governorship at another school  
Janet Chambers Local Authority 01.09.2015 N/A 4 years  3 of 5 Teaching & Learning 5 of 5 None  
Alyson Heath Co-opted  22.11.2015 N/A 4 years 3 of 5 Teaching & Learning 4 of 5 One governorship at another school  
Claire Mitchell Co-opted 18.12.2017 N/A 4 years  Chair of Governors 5 of 5 Finance & Premises Staffing 3 of 4 1 of 1  None  
Tracey Newbold Staff 30.01.2017 Elected by virtue of no opposition 4 years  4 of 5 Teaching & Learning Finance & Premises 5 of 5 4 of 4 None  
Penney Pavey Co-opted 07.07.2016 N/A 4 years 5 of 5 Teaching & Learning 5 of 5 None  
Simon Simmons Head Teacher  N/A  5 of 5 Teaching & Learning Staffing 4 of 5 1 of 1 None  
Alex Nicholson Parent 20.11.2017 N/A 4 years 5 of 5 Finance & Premises 4 of 4 None  
Rob Hammond Parent  20.11.2017 N/A 4 years 4 of 5  Finance & Premises  3 of 4 None  
Full name of Associate Member Committee Membership Voting rights Yes/No Date of Appointment Term of Office/Role on committee Attendance at committee Meetings* Attendance at full GB meetings* Declarations on register of business & pecuniary interest and details of governorships at other schools Remarks 
Rachel Coxon Finance & Premises  No 11.09.2017 2 years (Business Manager) 2 of 4 Not required although 1 meeting was attended. None None 

*Attendance during previous academic year to 31/8/2019