At Barns Green, we recognise that physical activity and sport are essential parts of a child’s everyday life and are a key factor in their future well-being. We want every child to find enjoyment in physical activity and aim to provide them with a wide range of opportunities so that they can discover the right kind of activity for themselves and experience the benefits that an active lifestyle can provide. We aim to present them with opportunities to compete against themselves and others, work in partnerships and teams, build self-confidence and perseverance and the real sense of achievement that this particular aspect of a child’s education can provide. Our aim is to prepare and support pupils towards healthy and active lifestyle choices for their future mental and physical well-being.

A key part of our aim is to provide the children with a broad and balanced curriculum within physical education and to provide the opportunities for the children to play in festivals and compete over a wide range of events. In doing so, we aim to teach the children to follow the conventions of fair play.

The aims of Physical Education (PE) at our school are that all children:

  • adopt an active lifestyle and understand the benefits it provides
  • develop a range of sporting skills across the national curriculum, including swimming
  • are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • engage in a range of competitive sports and activities
  • lead healthy, active lives
  • understand the importance and effect of exercise and being healthy
  • develop a sense of fair play and a sporting attitude
  • enjoy sporting activities and have fun, developing resilience and perseverance


At Barns Green, we are committed to ensuring that all pupils access and participate in a broad and balanced PE curriculum. This is done through careful lesson planning and differentiation to make sure that all children, including those who have special educational needs, disabilities, English as an additional language or those who are gifted and talented are included and engaged.


PE KS2 Progression of Skills pdf