Our Core Values & Vision

Our Values

Our school values help our pupils to understand right from wrong and they’re at the heart of everything we do.

An example of how we apply our values to playtime

Our core values are:







We have a responsibility to establish strong values in our students, through education and example. Values are not only an important part of the educational process but also to our pupils’ overall development as individuals.

Each half-term we focus on a different value and bring it to life, through assemblies, class discussions and real-life examples.

Our Vision:

At Barns Green, we encourage every individual to be the best they can be, to become confident, secure and caring individuals who are ambitious in their learning and who welcome every opportunity, embracing each challenge, so they can confidently look forward to the future, ready for adventures that await.

Paper copies of any information on this website will be provided free of charge. Please make requests through Mrs Coxon at the school office.