Information for Prospective Parents

Thank you for considering Barns Green Primary School as a school for your child. We are always happy to show prospective parents and children around our wonderful school and would encourage you to contact the school office with any enquiries.

You can download some key information about our school and how we are organised below.

Music lessons

These are taught by external providers and take place weekly for 20-30 minute sessions during school hours, either individually or in small groups. If you would like to apply for lessons or find out more information on these, such as the cost, instrument hire or bursaries, please contact the school office who can pass on your details to the music teachers directly. We currently have the following teachers visiting our school:

Mr Nick Chalk (West Sussex Music) provides woodwind lessons.

Mr Rowan Shulman (Independent Associate Tutor of West Sussex Music Hub) provides piano lessons.

Further information about alternative instrument lessons (eg. guitar/violin) can be found on the West Sussex Music website and an application will need to be made directly via this:

Music lessons