English and Maths

Confidence in numeracy, other mathematical skills, and fluency in reading, writing and speaking are essential foundations for success in all subjects.

Developing a love of reading and writing is central to our approach at school, and teachers are passionate about using exciting texts to motivate pupils to see themselves as readers and writers. When teaching mathematics we make use of concrete, pictorial and abstract approaches to enable our children to become fluent and confident mathematicians.


At Barns Green Primary, we use the Read Write Inc. phonics scheme to introduce pupils to reading and writing. As they progress through school, the same scheme provides support for pupils’ spelling.

The phonics scheme used by Barns Green Primary School is Read Write Inc (RWI).

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The below videos explain more about how Phonics work and how you can support learning:


We follow the White Rose scheme in Mathematics. This supports a child in developing from a conrete understanding of number through a visual undertanding to a sound understanding of number at an abstract level. We ensure that there are regular opportunities for pupils to use their number skills in problem-solving situations and expect pupils to use mathematical language when explaining their work.

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We supplement the White Rose materials with a number of other strategies that we have found develop pupil understanding, including the use of Numicon.

Reading for Pleasure

It is as important that your child learns to enjoy reading as much as learning how to read. This document offers information and suggestions on how to encourage reading for pleasure.

If you have any questions on phonics or early reading, please contact Ms Friedli or Mrs Al-Tarafi in the first instance.

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