Newsletter October 21 2019

Halloween Fair

Children will be dismissed from class on to the playground as normal,
parents can then bring them round through the front entrance to the hall.

Bikeability – Yr 6

Bikes can be padlocked and left on the school premises at your own risk. The school is not insured for any bicycles left on site overnight. Children will need to bring in a change of clothes for Bikeability.

Please remember that children will be cycling on Wednesday afternoon
and will need to choose their Halloween costume accordingly!

Dog Safety

On Tuesday the children attended an excellent assembly about how to behave safely around dogs. Canine Behaviourist, Mark Bridger-Pescott, spoke to the children about how to ‘Be a tree’ around unknown dogs. Please see attached a certificate for you to complete for your child.

For more information see Mark’s company ‘Bone Canis’:

Club Payments Due

Please make payment for this term’s clubs. If you are having trouble accessing the Gateway, payment can be made by cheque, cash or bank transfer. Please contact the office for the account details.